From farm to table with Niagara’s quintessential fruit featuring Ricardo!

Cooking Demo: 12 noon – 1 pm
 A portable cooking station will be erected under the gazebo on the edge of the orchard. This is where the cooking demo will take place. As guests arrive for the luncheon they will be sipping on a glass of sparkling wine and standing to watch Ricardo as he cooks 2 dishes made from peaches. Niagara’s food writer and international acclaimed cookbook author Lynn Ogryzlo will introduce Ricardo and join him in conversation throughout the cooking demo.

Orchards Longest Table1 pm
Guests will be directed to take a seat at the Orchards Longest Table. Imagine a 200-foot table dressed in white linen, crystal glasses sparkling in the afternoon sun and rows of china, each plate holding a peach. This beautiful table is nestled in between rows of peach trees laden with ripe peaches. The smell is of the singular sexy peach ready to be plucked and eaten. This is the orchards longest table.
Ricardo and guests will enjoy an orchard lunch based around peaches. (Food organized by one the regions talented chefs and menu approved by Ricardo).
Ricardo will be available to sign cookbooks during lunch.

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