Kurtz Countryside Basket Gift Collection

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Delicious countryside delights!

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From our kitchen in Niagara-on-the-Lake, try our traditional countryside jams… Bursting with wild Canadian blueberries…our Blueberry jam is perfect over pancakes or warm scones.

Our signature Apricot Jam makes a wonderful sauce when lightly warmed over french toast or ice cream.

From our fields of peppers we have created a mouth watering Red Pepper Garlic Dressing…that tastes fantastic with fresh garden greens or roasted in the oven for a memorable side dish.

Artichoke Spinach Tapenade, Cabernet and Mushroom Tapenade, and Red Pepper Peanut Garlic Tapenade are instantly flavourful additions to any pasta dish.

The Asiago Bread Topper, “Our Customer Rated #1 Product,” is incredibly delicious straight out of the jar! Spread over warm crusty baguettes, or spoon into warm pasta or just drizzle over steamed vegetables…its the most diverse spread you’ll love to share!

This collection includes the following Kurtz prodcuts: Apricot Jam, Blueberry Jams, Red Pepper Garlic Peanut spread, Asiago Bread Topper, Artichoke Spinach Tapenade, Cabernet Mushroom Tapenade and Kurtz’s Red Pepper Garlic Dressing.

*Please note: this collection does not include the basket pictured.


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