Kurtz Curds and Jam Gift Collection


Kurtz Finest Curds and Jams!

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Kurtz Curds and Jam Gift Collection – Kurtz Mango Burst Curds and Wild Blueberry Curds are wonderfully delicious with fresh ripened fruits and yogurt, or spread on English muffins and warm breads.

Our orchard harvest is captured in our jars of Rhubarb Strawberry Jam, Peach Jam and Black Cherry Jam.

Try our traditional jams on waffles, pound cake or warmed over ice cream.

Whip our jams with yogurt and sour cream for a tasty fruit dip!

Includes the following Kurtz products: Mango Burst Curd, Wild Blueberry Curd, Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam, Peach Jam, and Black Cherry Jam.


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