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The Kurtz family has always been a major producer of jam and jellies. They love a taste of summer’s flavours in the colder winter months, but this is a simple picture to paint of an altogether more complex and tasty story.

On the scenic Niagara Parkway, over looking the dramatic Niagara River is 50-acres of orchard and vineyard including a large retail barn that faces the river. At one time there were wooden wagons out front offering fresh peaches, cherries and other produce from the land along with a few jars of jam made from that produce.

Today, second and third generations of the Kurtz family have brought a fair share of innovative farm products to the marketplace, with over 50 different rich, authentic country flavours for customers to enjoy. What has separated these novel culinary wonders from the rest of the pack has been a concentrated effort to reflect the natural favours of the land. Fruit and wine curds that add a luscious, creamy, less sweet flavour to tarts and cookies, fruit spreads with an unprecedented amount of large fruit chunks, savoury sauces the likes of golden pepper and chili and orchard dressings that start with peach or red pepper and add the seduction of garlic over a creamy base.

The newest venture for the Kurtz family is a culinary shop on the main street of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Here you’ll find our high quality gourmet foods alongside other great products from artisans across the country and beyond. In addition to this, you’ll find high quality cookbooks, culinary gift items and much more. It’s an amazingly delicious shop that brings a rural feel to the historic street and allows for more culinary adventure.

Regularly scheduled cooking classes are offered to anyone wanting to learn how to take good wholesome country flavours into their home kitchens. From their long list of products you can learn how to embellish soups, offer exciting cheese platters, make homemade breads, glaze roasts, bake easy fruit desserts and more.

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