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It began over a half century ago as a vision by one pioneer from Europe with a traditional knowledge of agriculture and a deep respect for his new land. This vision took root, was tended by skilled and hardworking hands and ultimately resulted in one of the most respected agricultural enterprises in the region.

Today, taste the goodness of this land. Surrounded by acres of scenic beauty, Kurtz Orchards Market stands as a testament to the lands richness and ability to produce quality foods. Savour the best of our farm estate’s products, from honey to wine jelly. Discover fine ingredients for every home chef along the aisles of gourmet foods. Take an online tour of our gourmet marketplace.

Second and third generations of the Kurtz family have brought a fair share of innovative farm products to the marketplace, with over 50 different rich, authentic country flavours for customers to enjoy. What has separated these novel culinary wonders from the rest of the pack has been a concentrated effort to reflect the natural favours of the land.

Fruit and wine curds that add a luscious, creamy, less sweet flavour to tarts and cookies, fruit spreads with an unprecedented amount of large fruit chunks, savoury sauces the likes of golden pepper and chili and orchard dressings that start with peach or red pepper and add the seduction of garlic over a creamy base.

A focused effort to capture the natural flavours of the land!

Our family continually develops new products to capture the flavour of the Niagara Region. Find out about our latest foods and popular gift selections, or explore the recipe section of our website for some great recipes, culinary tips, and news on food trends.

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Say your vows in front of Kurtz Orchards with the Naturally beautiful surroundings featuring mature orchards, vineyards, and our magnificent bridge and fish pond as your wedding backdrop. Click here for details

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