Culinary Shop

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Kurtz Orchards continues its long tradition of showcasing “Niagara’s Edible Heritage”. Luscious sweet cherries freshly picked in July to dozens of varieties of ripe peaches harvested in the sunshine of August.

We also produce a very fine line of our own line of quality products, including jams, jellies and fruit syrups. Our aim is simple: to put the fresh taste of Niagara’s bountiful orchards, vineyards, gardens and farms into each jar of our products. Our creative culinary team works with the region’s finest producers to have each crop ready for the pot or the kettle at exactly the right moment—from the first rhubarb of spring to the last pumpkin of autumn.At Kurtz Orchards, we continue to offer our customers new and innovative products. Each home chef will love our newest food offerings!