Hot Chili Jelly


A must for hot food lovers!

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Hot Chili Pepper Jelly: Niagara grown peppers are cooked to perfection resulting in a sweet, spicy condiment. Just the right amount of heat along with its vibrant color and taste is sure to impress family and friends. A must for “hot lovers” and those cooks that always need more “heat” in their dishes.

Suggested Uses

Stir into pan sauces, Thai dishes or spread on a peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwich. Use as a savory glaze on ham, chicken and salmon. Top a Brie and bake, mix with cream cheese, make a cheese ball rolled in nuts. Enjoy as an accompaniment on a charcuterie board or cheese platter.


Peppers, Sugar, Vinegar, Pectin, Citric Acid.


Serving Size: 1 tbsp (15g) Servings: 22; Calories 45

Total Fat 0g 0%; Sat Fat 0g 0%; Trans Fat 0g 0%; Cholest 0 mg 0%;

Sodium 0mg 0%; Total Carb 11g 4%; Fiber 0 g 0%; Sugars 10g Protein 0g

Vitamin A 4% Vitamin C 6% Calcium 0% Iron 0%

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Prepared in Canada. Refrigerate after opening.


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